Britain's Secret Homes

Chiswick House will be featuring in the second episode of ITV's new series that reveals the fascinating history behind 50 of Britain's intriguing homes.

'We’re counting down the top 50 secret homes in Britain. Extraordinary little-known places with amazing stories, that tell us who we are and how we once lived. The homes on our list span more than 30,000 years of human history in Britain and each one reveals something new about our ancestors.'
Bettany Hughes

If walls could talk, what stories would they tell?  'Britain’s Secret Homes' is a brand new, five-part documentary series revealing the 50 remarkable stories behind the UK’s most secret, surprising and intriguing homes.  

Presented by two award-winning broadcasters, Michael Buerk and Bettany Hughes, the series also includes contributions from an eclectic range of well-known people and experts, including Sir David Jason, Ricky Tomlinson, Twiggy and Michael Portillo.

Each of the homes revealed in the top 50 countdown tells an extraordinary story about who we are as a nation and how we once lived. From cottages to council houses, bungalows to palaces, some of the most significant homes in our country remain relatively unknown to the public. But all these extraordinary places have borne witness to key moments in our nation’s history.

Chiswick House features in the second episode of the ITV series, broadcast at 9pm on Friday 14th June.

The Domed Saloon at Chiswick House
The Domed Saloon (photo: Richard Bryant)

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