Sculpture Shock Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition prints by artist Hanna Haaslahti are now available to purchase from the Royal British Society of Sculptors website.

Each print costs £100 (plus shipping) and all proceeds from the sale of the prints will go to the artist and to helping the Royal British Society of Sculptors continue their work advancing the art, practice and appreciation of contemporary sculpture in all its forms

Hanna Haaslahti and Sculpture Shock

Hanna Haaslahti was awarded one of the prestigious Sculpture Shock 2015 awards by the Royal British Society of Sculptors in London. As the winner of the Historic award Hanna Haaslahti received £3,000 and undertook a 3 month residency in London, Kensington studio. The award included a spatial intervention – a pop-up exhibition at the Ionic Temple within the Gardens. Haaslahti was at the residency between September-December in 2015. Her exhibition took place at the Ionic Temple in early December 2015.

The Installation was a great success, proving popular with garden visitors. It was wonderful for visitors to experience the artwork in the Ionic Temple, which is not normally open to the public. We would like to thank visitors for coming to the exhibition and for their feedback. Congratulations to Hanna Haaslahti and the Royal British Society of Sculptors on the success of this year’s residency at Chiswick House & Gardens.

About the Artist’s work  

Curator, writer and jury member Dave Beech on Hanna Haaslahti’s art: 'Hanna Haaslahti dramatizes interaction through installations that play off light and shadow, image and reality, body and space. She constructs encounters using computer vision technology, in which viewers activate a theatre of recognition.'

The Award

The SCULPTURE SHOCK award, now in its third and final year, is for 3 artists working in 3 dimensions and encourages surprising site specific spatial interventions in non-traditional spaces outside the confines of the white cube. The 2015 jury includes an illustrious panel of judges including artist Richard Wilson R.A and art critic, lecturer Dave Beech. Previous juries included amongst others Sarah Kent, Cornelia Parker, and Richard Cork.

The Ionic Temple

The small temple is like a miniaturised version of the Pantheon in Rome, it was designed by Lord Burlington and it originally housed his three Roman statues until they were moved to the Exedra.  The surrounding landscaping is roughly circular in form with grass terraces stepping down to a circular pool with an obelisk at its centre.  This self-contained garden is full of references to antiquity and the stepped terraces are reminiscent if a Roman theatre.

sculptor Hanna Haaslahti in the grounds of Chiswick House 

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